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My Horror Story At Dentzz Dental Clinic New Delhi - Review of Dentzz Dental Clinic New Delhi Review

[Update Feb 2018] - Dentzz has now hired team of people to take down this honest review again and again, they are submitting duplicate pages in different languages on different websites with old dates to fool lumendatabase.org into thinking that we have infringed their copyright. Even though this review is mine and  mine only and these people at Dentzz are trying everything they can to take this review down. Their claims on lumendatabase.org says that I am a firm and trying to copy their content, that is the best excuse they can come up with. I mean come on at least offer an apology and I might remove this review but why are you doing all these bad tactics to show how bad you guys really are. I mean come on this is dumb that you are translating my article into Spanish and then posting it on some junk site in Spanish claiming that it was first written by someone in Spain. i will bring this to the attention of authorities here in Spain so they do not let people get scammed by dentzz. I had forgotten about this but given you guys are bugging me and this post I will bring this to authorities.

I started this blog for one reason and only reason to share with you guys my horror story I experienced at Dentzz New Delhi.

A little about my case (dental history) before I share my horrible experience with Dentzz Clinic New Delhi and Dr Sunil Motwani, who I believe BOUGHT his degree/education because he doesn't know a THING about dental procedure I have no IDEA how he became a doctor as you will find out in my story, he is more of a peon than a doctor.

I have had dental issues in the past, and my doctor here in Spain recommended that I put crowns. It was rather expensive to do the crown job here in Spain so I started looking around and asking my friends and one of my girlfriends told me that she had her crown done in Calcutta, India and she was very happy. I had a look at her crown and it looked great. I really liked what I saw so I decided to search for a dental clinic in Delhi because I had a business trip to New Delhi anyways, I thought I will stay a bit longer and just get the job done.

I started searching on the web to find dental clinics in New Delhi. I searched and looked for a lot of clinics and read tons of reviews and after few days of going back I made a list of few dental clinics in Delhi that stood out. After further research I decided to go with Dentzz Dental Clinic in Greater Kailash 1 Branch, because they had a lot of good reviews and they looked professional. As you will find out they are more like a circus than doctors.

I decided to give a call and ask them some questions before finalizing my trip and dates. So I called up their number which redirected me to their customer support center in Mumbai branch and a lady named Natasha attended my call and answered all my questions and concerns. She was very helpful and friendly. I guess that is one of their techniques to lure you into their clinic. She was very professional and she know what she was doing and answered everything I asked her. Further, she explained and organized my whole treatment plan plus she sent a document with the exact cost and time it would take for the whole procedure.

I was all excited now and I booked my tickets for the exact dates a round trip and was all set to get the new beautiful crowns and just get done with it once and for all.

Before visiting the clinic I had explained everything to the lady (Natasha) and she assured me that the information was passed on to the New Delhi branch and they will assist me further on the day of arrival. 

So the day came and I was at the clinic, I will not discuss how INSANELY UNPROFESSIONAL the front desk lady was but lets get to the actual thing. My first appointment after waiting for 20-30 minutes even though she told me to wait few minutes it turned out to be 20-30 minutes. So after waiting 20-30 minutes finally the one and only lord Dr. Sunil Motwani showed up, he greeted me and asked me to follow him to his cabinet. We talked for about 20-30 minutes and everything I asked and said he assured me that everything will be done the way I want it and I will be happy at the end. He kept it very professional I guess he does that so you will continue with the treatment.

So after having a chat with him I received my first SHOCK, the PRICE I was given by lady over the phone was COMPLETELY and SIGNIFICANTLY different. He told me that the price I was given over the phone was for total metal crown and not the one I want. I was shocked that Natasha gave me pricing for metal crown even though I clearly asked her for ceramic crowns. Initially, I was quoted $1800 USD for the whole work but after the talk with peon Dr. Sunil Motwani he told me it will cost $4200. I was SHOCKED and tried to talk to him and told him that the lady didn't tell me and I do not have that much money so after another 10 minutes of going back and fourth he told me that they can do it for $3700. I didnt have any choice I didn't want to come back to India and I wanted to get done with my crowns. So I accepted and he asked me to sign some documents which I did and he told me to show up for the next appointment after 2 days.

I was mad and angry that day and I had to call my husband to send me extra money because I didn't bring that amount with me and my credit card had limits because this clinic wanted 50% upfront on next appointment. My husband was shocked as well. He called my friend the one that had her crowns done in India and she called me back to tell me that she has never seen this kind of prices for dental treatment in India because she had another friend visit India for dental treatment as well. So while I was F***King pissed my husband said just to get it done and come back.

So after 2 days I went back to 2nd appointment and without hi/hello the front desk lady showed me some documents and asked me if I have the 50% so I paid her the 50% and she gave me a receipt and told me to wait few minutes and the doctor will see me. Once again I waited another 30 minutes for lord sunil motwani to show up. And that is when the HORROR STORY STARTS.

1. Dr. Sunil Motwani is completely unprofessional, he doesn't know how to handle instruments only god knows how he got his degree, because he couldnt handle a single instrument properly and on few occasions the instruments fell on the ground and he just took it back without cleaning and continued with the procedure. I was F**king shocked, he just continued as if nothing had happened, . this happened again and again. Make sure that dr sunil motwani never touches your mouth because he don't know what he is doing. His assistance were more proper than him. Dr. Sunil Motwani was also checking his phone non stop, instead of performing the procedure he was always checking his phone and answering text messages.

2. He was BURPING non stop and there was some crazy smell which I dont have to tell you that he was also farting. How so unprofessional? Can't you show up at work and be professional? I mean the burping just continued and I was disgusted with all this I just wanted to punch him in the face and get out of there but I still had hope that it will be done properly.

3. So after the painful events I had go through with master sunil motwani who is certainly not a doctor but more like a peon, I was told to meet the dental hygienist for my teeth whitening. If Mr Sunil Motwani is a peon then his dental hygienist is certainly a floor cleaner because she had this super long nails so dirty and she would spend all her time cleaning her nails with other nails, without any thoughts that she was going to perform a procedure on my teeth. So once again the whitening was done in such an unprofessional way I bet I can perform better whitening in my toilet, she was all over the place doing her "nail cleaning act" and other dirty acts which again was so disgusting. She didn't perform proper procedure at all, after the work was done I had a look in the mirror and there was still issues/plague around my teeth but she kept saying no there is nothing, no problem madam there is nothing. I guess she is BLIND, because the job was done half-ass and I could clearly see that it wasn't done properly. I guess she was in a hurry to go on a date or something because while she was performing the procedure she kept checking her phone. I kept telling her its not done but she wouldn't listen she just said no its okay its done they look good.

4. The whitening was so bad when they tried to match the crown colors they were whiter than my teeth. 

5. Their ceramic crowns were not ceramic crowns at all, it was the cheapest zirconia ceramic crown one can find on planet earth.

6. They don't care about aesthetics at all, when they first tried the crown on me I looked like "SHIT" and when I went to washroom to check it again on my own I broke down into tears because it was really F**king horrible they had done a terrible job. I was shocked I wanted to go out and beat the F**k out of motwani and his assistant. I tried to keep my cool and tell them that it doesnt match at all. They kept saying it matches it matches, I started crying in front of them and told them they are blind? Because it doesn't match at all. After wasting my time and theirs they decided to redo it. They told me they will request to make some changes/alterations to existing crown so it will match better. But how the fuck it can match it was like a STONE 5x bigger than my other teeth. How come they couldn't see the difference boggles my head.

7. The crowns were delivered by two guys and I have never seen such a scary face, it looks like they have their own lab at home where they craft these crowns because it certainly didn't look like a professional crown done in a lab. I kid you not if you want I can post pictures to see how freaking bad quality their crowns are. I know I couldn't expect something awesome from India but it couldn't be this bad. I guess they don't care at all.

8. Don't trust their clinic, website, testimonials and photos because they are all fake and photoshoped/fabricated. You are not going to get anything near what you will see on their website. These guys are complete jokers and unprofessionals.

9. I ended up going back home with ugly crowns and are you ready for the SHOCKING PART? After 2 weeks I was swimming and the crown came OFF. I was crying all day and I wanted to just go and beat the F**K out of sunil motwani, I ended up paying another $5000 here and get everything redone after just about two weeks of coming back from India. The doctors here were shocked with the job that was done by those guys in India, the doctor here asked me who did this job if I tried to do it myself I kid you not this is exactly what he told me.

If you are rich and still want to waste your money then you better burn your money and keep the ashes than going to India to Dentzz clinic and getting a shitty job done because you will not only lose money but time and have tons and tons of stress and experience anxiety and depression because of these losers specially if you are someone good looking these guys can turn you into witch.

Beware of Dentzz New Delhi dental clinic and their joker unprofessional team.

If you are reading this Dr. Sunil Motwani, then I just wanna say "F**K YOU" it was my hard earned money and I hope you burn in hell for cheating with me. You are more of a clown and a peon than a doctor. It is a shame, I know you probably paid money to get your degree because you couldn't even handle the instruments and you are the worst dental doctor I have ever seen in my life.

People beware of these losers.

Total money lost $6000
Time wasted = 2-3 weeks
Stress = mad and angry till date
If I ever see you around in my region Motwani, you know you are going down my friend probably the front teeths. And then your hygienist can perform your root canal and do the crown job for you.

You loser!

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  2. Hello. am so sorry for your trouble.I am in Delhi at the moment and have agreed to undertake treatment at Dentzz. May I please see some pictures. It would be much appreciated.

    1. I don't want to share my photos. I put this post up because these losers clearly cheated with me and totally ruined my life. Last thing I want is them seeing my picture so they can say bad things about me.

      The review on this site is exactly what I went through, i don't care you believe it or not go and get your teeth ruined by these guys if you think I'm lying.

  3. too late for pictures Gordon, you already signed up, just like we did 4 months ago! Too bad but... Talk about shocking hideous horrific...

  4. I am so sad to read about the horrible experience you had at Dentzz, Delhi. I was planning to do extensive dental work at their clinic at Mumbai but read your Blog just in time. Thanks so much for exposing these cheats. I hate to think how many innocent people they have duped. They don't realise that it will all catch up with them some day.

    1. Thanks to the internet that these losers cannot get away with their scam acts.

  5. I am so sad to read about the horrible experience you had at Dentzz, Delhi. I was planning to do extensive dental work at their clinic at Mumbai but read your Blog just in time. Thanks so much for exposing these cheats. I hate to think how many innocent people they have duped. They don't realise that it will all catch up with them some day.

  6. thanks for this. I was planning to go there and do some implants. Lady Natasha was exactly the one that Inkeep contact with so far. I will not risk after your testimony.

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  8. Hello John. My I posted earlier. I can vouch for the the posters tale. I had read several other reviews stating similar stories online. While most of my crowns look good. They were created without cusps and are completely flat, four are ill fitting.The molars on the left was left with a big gap. The one on the right is very poorly fitted and has caused me a lot of pain. I have been diagnosed my myofacial pain so suvere have had to quit my job. I have lost over ten thousand British pounds and have been diagnosed with myofacial pain. If anyone wants a look at my specialist report from the head oral surgeon of Glasgow dental hospital I will do so. I will be building my own site one I have all the additional x rays and clinical notes. Anyone looking for dental work please leave a message with your email here I will send a copy of the medical report. In addition to the work at Landsdowne Dental centre in Glasgow once it is complete. I work in it so my site will be up with the next few months. Dr. Sachin Jauchar is a reknown prosthodontist once more he did not charge my money so it is completely impartial and balanced. I urge anyone considering work to contact me. I don't want anyone going through what I did.

    Kind regards,

    DG Murphy.


    The implants were placed elsewhere and are not there responsibility. The myofacial pain started as soon as the lower arch was removed

    1. John seems to be one of their workers he keeps posting garbage comments here.

      If anyone thinks this is BS and I am lying then I suggest you go get your dental work with those guys and I promise you that you will regret for rest of your life.

      They fckd up my gums and I had to pay another $5000 to do another surgery.

  9. Hi Gordon,
    I am considering a visit to the clinic in Mumbai. I would be very interested in your Dr's report. As I would Isabella's photos. Why don't u post them Isabella? I don't think u r a competitor because your English literature is too good. Very western!!

    1. I don't have to post anything if you believe I am wrong and lying then just go get your dental work done. I can assure you that you will regret it for rest of your life.

      These guys are complete CLOWNS.

  10. Isabella,
    I have just re-read your comments and both times I have wondered why u allowed someone to subject your mouth with unhygienic instruments, after falling o the floor. And I can assure u the hygienist would have to be wearing gloves as I hope the dentist was. I was subjected to similar practices in China and Tibet but requested and instructed hygiene practices to be followed. I am really surprised u didn't get sick?

    1. They fkd up my gums and I had to pay $5000 to do another surgery. I will update the post to tell you guys what happened to me after I was back home.

      You are right I should I have told him I don't remember what happened that day, i was totally lost and I know there was my fault in it as well but I honestly don't remember why I didn't just punch him in the face and get out of there.

  11. This is a very sad tale of total incompetence and graft.I am so glad I went to Bangkok for my 11 crowns and three implants.The work was excellent and considerably cheaper than Australia

    1. My friend did some root canal job in Bangkok and she was very happy.

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    1. Dentzz Dental Mumbai..not recommended..tricksters, poor work..

  13. I had to get my dental implants done since a long time. A friend referred Dentzz Dental to me. I specially flew to India to get my treatment done.I got my treatment done with them and I have been very satisfied. I can't believe you had such an experience.The doctors were very patient and understanding too.I love the results that I got.

  14. Dental treatments are scary. You need the audacity to get a treatment done. I needed a teeth and jaw structure makeover but I could not gather the strength to do it. My situation started getting worse. I had heard of Dentzz Dental being specialised in cosmetic dentistry but i was not sure. I finally had to go due to my state. I got my makeover done by them and to be honest, I am very happy with my treatment. I spent half of what I would have in Australia. I am sorry about your experience. But I truly liked my results with them.

  15. Why do i feel that you are just trying to defame them? can you share your visit details with everyone? In your blog u mentioned I can share the pictures, why aren't you sharing pictures or documents when people are asking you to? If they told you that price would change before starting with the procedure why didn't you just say a no and left, if it was such a big shock to you? If you didn't expect India to be any gud why visit for dental treatment in the first place? Every doctor will have patients who are dissatisfied with the treatments.. we all are human beings, burping/farting if it bothered you so much why didn't you just stop the treatment in the first place, there itself? Like Hawkesy mentioned you could have easily pointed out to the doctor or the assistants to clean the instruments, why didn't you do that? Can you share pictures of your invoice?? m sure they would have atleast given that or you don't have it with you?

    P.S. My experience has been good with Dental Treatment in India not with this dentist but still feel you are not telling the complete story!

  16. Dentzz Dental NOT RECOMMENDED,do not go there, beware!!
    I lost $5000 ,smelled a rat and left as with 4 other clients of Dentzz..they also lost heaps..do believe this its so very true...

  17. Hello,

    post your email address and I will send it out.